The Finnish Olympic Training in Mathematics is organized by the Finnish Mathematical Society’s Training division. Its purpose is to encourage and assist talented young to take interest in mathematics.

The training primarily consists of two components: correspondence training through regular problem sets and various training events, in particular the training weekends at Päivölä. All the training is open for all students in secondary schools. The goal is to teach students mathematics encountered in mathematical competitions, but also to provide them with general mathematical knowledge.

The training is mainly done in Finnish, but we do our best to accommodate students who either don’t speak or speak only a little Finnish. Some of the training sessions are conducted in English.

Some of the materials have also been translated to Swedish, and it is possible to have training sessions in Swedish as well.

Math terminology

Usually, Google Translate does a decent job of translating between Finnish and English. In case some mathematical terminology is difficult, the following sources may be helpful:

  • The Solmu dictionary of mathematics
  • The Finnish Wikipedia: if the problematic term (say, keskinormaali) has a page, the corresponding English page is often linked from the ”Muilla kielillä” list (or the 文A link in the mobile view). In this case, the link is to the ”Perpendicular bisector” page, which immediately redirects to one part of the page on ”Bisection”.

Training problem sets

The training problem sets are distributed in the training events, but primarily available through this website. Solutions can be sent as instructed in the problem sheet or they can be brought to the next training event. Traditionally, the problems are provided in Finnish, but we try to produce English translations, too.

The latest translated problem set

Easier and more challenging problems, December 2014.

Older problem set

Easier and more challenging problems, September 2014.

Easier and more challenging problems, Summer 2014.

Easier and more challenging problems, April 2014.

Easier and more challenging problems, February 2014.

Easier problems, February 2012.

More challenging problems, February 2012.

Old problems

Finnish National High School Mathematics Competition (FHSMC)

Problem compilation from years 1997-2008. Problems of the final round.

FHSM first round, basic level problems, 2007.

FHSMC first round problems, 2008.

Problems of the FHSMC 2009–10 and Nordic Math Contest, 2010

FHSMC first round and final round problems, 2010–11.

FHSMC first round and final round problems, 2011–12.

FHSMC problems and solutions, 2011–12.

FHSMC problems and solutions, 2012–14.

FHSMC and NMC problems and solutions, 2014–15.

FHSMC first round problems, 2015.

FHSMC first round problems, 2016.


The following persons take part in organizing the training: